2019-01-04. MY DOG Göteborg.  Exc. CQ, CACIB. BOB, Crufts Qualified 2020


2018-06-06. Nynäshamn Nose Work class II, place 15, 35 points.

2018-06-03. Norrköping Nat. Show. Exc, CQ, BOS.

2018-05-11. Nordic Dog Show Roskilde. Exc, CQ, 4th best female.

2018-03-24. Dog Show, Sollentuna. Exc. BOB, 4th BIG.

07. Exc, CQ, CACIB, BOB. Crufts qualified for 2019.

2017-03.12. Strängnäs INT. Exc, CQ, 2nd best female.

2016-12-04. Stora Stockholm. Exc. 1st in Ch. class.

2016-08-22. Norrköping Int. Exc, CQ, Cacib & BOB.

2016-07-16. Gävle BK. CQ, CAC, and now Swedish & Norwegian Show Champion !!

2015-11-09. Bronz in Swedish Championship Teamwoork to Music. Florida & Casino.

2015-09-06. EDS Lillestrøm. VG.

2015-09-05. NBFK. Breed Show Lillestrøm. CAC, best male, BOS.

2015-08-29. Haninge BK. 460.25 points in lower class, place 2nd, ready for higher class.


2015-08-09. Rally obedience 90 points, 2nd.

2015-05-23. KORAD, Mental test & exterior 494 points


2015-05-16. Haninge BK. Rally obedience, 88 points, approved. 2nd.


2015-05-15. Katrineholm BK. Exc, CQ, CAC working class, 2nd best female.

2015-05-03. Knivstad BK.
Lower class tracking, approved 340.50 points.

2015-05-01. Strängnäs. Dog Show. BOB, 4th BIG .


2014-10-12. Obedience class I, 173.5 point's, 1 rpize and 3rd.

2014-01-11. Tracking 249.75 point's and 2nd. Approved for 2nd class tracking.

2014-09-14. KM tracking 259 points, ready for 3rd level.

2014-09-13. Obedience class I, 161 points, 1st prize, 5th

2014-08-17. Bro-Håbo Bk. Rally Obediense, 88 points, approved, no 5.

2014-07-06. Gnesta-Trosa. Rally Obediense, 89 points, approved

2014-06-08. Nynäshamn 2nd in Jumping class I, with Q to class II.

2014-05-01. SBK Stockholms E. Jumping class I, Place no 7th and place no 4th

2014-04-18. Kistamässen, Stockholm, exc, CAC quality, BOS.

2014-01-04. Kistamässan, Rally Obediense 77 points RDL N titel.


2013-12-07. Stockholm Int. 1st young class, CAC quality, 3rd best female.

2013-11-03. Växjö Int. Dog Show. Exc, CAC quality, res. CACIB, 2nd best female.

2013-10-06. KM, Obedience class I, 1st prize, 164 points, 4th.

2013-08-04. Södertälje BK. Judge: Jesper Anderson. Exc, CAC quality, 4th best female. BOB junior, BIS 4 Junior.

2013-08-03. SBU. Swedish Breed Show. Exc., 2nd in junior class.

2013.03-31. Kistamässan Stockholm, Judge: Bo Skalin. Exc in junior class.

2013-03-10. Int. dog show Strängnän. Judge: Jesper Andersen. Exc., 1st in junior class.

2013-02-16. Sollentuna. Honour prize, BOB, 3rd BIG puppy.

2013-01-12. Sollentuna, judge: Hans Almgren. Honour prize, BOS puppy.


2012-11-10. Honour prize, BOB puppy.

2012-09-23. Honour prize, BOB puppy.

2012-09-22. Honour prize, 2nd female puppy. Uppsala Cockerklubb, judge: Tina Cederstrand.

2012-09-15. Honour prize, BOS puppy.