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Puppy photos N-litter born 2022-04-11.
4 males & 4 females


Eternity's Vali x Eldsjälens To Enjoy "Kira"



Segerforsens Naalan.  
Segerforsens Nitro.  
Segerforsens Nizze.  
Segerforsens Nemo.  
Segerforsens NovaLee.  
Segerforsens Nicolina.  
Segerforsens Nora.  
Segerforsens Najsan.  

Puppy photos M-litter born 2020-02-25.
7 males & 1 female.

Duvels Chiraz x Traxa From Us With Love "Trassel".



Segerforsens Michelangelo.  
Segerforsens Moonlight.  
Segerforsens Mirou.  
Segerforsens Matisse.  
Segerforsens Malte Lindeman.  
Segerforsens Mozart.  
Segerforsens Max Manus.  
Segerforsens Mona Lisa.  


Puppy photos L-litter born 2018-05-24.
2males & 3 females.
LP 1, LP 2, SE UCH KORAD SPH III Eternity's Heyday x

LP I, RLD F, RLD N, A-Te-Ell's Ell-Ay.



Segerforsens Loke    
Segerforsens Lazarro  
Segerforsens Lovah  
Segerforsens Lady-Mary  
Segerforsens Lamira  

Puppy photos K-litter born 2014-05-04.
3 males & 2 females.
Segerforsens Crespo "Vegas" x Vega van Moned.



Segerforsens Kirikou         
Segerforsens Kozmoz  
Segerforsens Kïwi.  
Segerforsens Kalas-Pingla  
Segerforsens Klara-Kristall  

Puppy photos J-litter born 2012-05-14.

3 males & 4 females.

Eternity's Varjas x Nadjarah's Dora.


Eternity's Varjas     
Segerforsens Just Call Me Joker.  HD:A AA:0
Segerforsens Just Say Silver.  crypt
Segerforsens Jumping Jack Flash.  HD: B/D AA:0  
Segerforsens Just Look At Me.  HD:B AA:0   
Segerforsens Just Time For Varja.  underbite. HD:A AA:0   
Segerforsens Just Watch Me.  HD:A AA:0
Segerforsens Joyful Jeminna.  



Puppy photos I-litter born 2010-02-21.

4 males & 2 females.

Cäserborg Foxy Lancelot x Vega van Moned.




Segerforsens Irwings Skugge.  
Segerforsens Ingwar Widtfarne.  Put down to sleep. neologiskstörning.
Segerforsens Icaros The Foxy  Crypt
Segerforsens Igge af Iggesund.        
Segerfrosens Isadora.  HD: B  AA: 0
Segerforsens Indra.  HD: A/D  AA:0


Puppy photos H-litter born 2008-10-11.

2 males & 5 females.

Fakaiser's Intro to Breakhim x Nadjarah's Dora




Segerforsens Hero.  HD: A  AA: 2/1
Segerforsens Härlige Hektor     crypt, castrated
Segerforsens Hot Lips.  HD: A/B   AA: 0 teeth: ok
Segerforsens Hessie.  HD: A   AA: 2/1 teeth : ok
Segerforsens Hot Gossip.  HD: A  AA: 1
Segerforsens Hjärtetroll.  HD: A   AA: 0 teeth: ok
Segerforsens Häftige Hanna.  HD: C/B   AA: 1/1  -2 x P2, up/down.x


G-litter born 20050908.

5 males & 4 females.

Swan de la Prairie de la Sommerau x Bessi of the Home Port.



Segerforsens Grimar. HD:A  AA:0 Eyes clear.  
Segerforsens Gordon. Ex. to Denmark
Segerforsens Goliat HD:A  AA:0 EP
Segerforsens Gomez. HD:A  AA:0
Segerforsens Grotte. HD:A  AA:0
Segerforsens Glittrah HD:A  AA:0
Segerforsens Glimma.. HD:A  AA:0
Segerforsens Glimten i Ögat.  EP
Segerforsens Girl Pat.  


F-litter born 20040403.

4 males & 2 females.

Swan de la Prairie de la Sommerau x Himbis Corneja.




Segerforsens Favorit.  HD: A AA:0  crypt.  
Segerforsens Fräkke Fredrik HD: C AA:0
Segerforsens Frank Zappa. crypt.
Segerforsens Four Feet Runner. HD: C AA: 0
Segerforsens Fabiola. orönkad
Segerforsens Faboulus Diva HD: A AA:0  Eyes clear, 2 litters at Kennel Divyx.


 E-litter born 20030715.

3 males & 3 females.

Quicc's more milk shake x Eternity's Ohmen.




Segerforsens Emil. HD:C AA:1    
Segerforsens Enzo. HD:A AA:0 Eyes clear. Ex. to Finland 2 litters. Dead June 2013.
Segerforsens Elliot. HD:B AA:1 Eyes clear.  
Segerforsens Energi-Troll. HD:A AA:0 missing 1 x P2
Segerforsens Eldregn.  
Segerforsens Embla. HD:A AA:0 dead 2009 blind, maybe brain tumor



D-litter born 19990310.

2 males & 5 females.
Quicc's more milk shake x Trico Mix Bona Dea




Segersforsens Dragan HD:A AA:0 Father to Bästdals o-and t-litter,
Segersforsens Douglas. HD:A AA:0 One litter, castrated after.
Segersforsens Daphne. Swedish CH HD:A AA:0
Segersforsens Dika. HD:A
Segersforsens Driva.  
Segersforsens Duma.  
Segersforsens Dominica. Swedish CH agility jump.  HD:A AA:0  



C-litter born 20030227.

5 males & 4 females.

No How Too Dangerous x Himbi's Corneja.



Segerforsens Campari orönkad  
Segerforsens Crespo. HD:B AA:0  Eyes clear. 1 litter. Swedish CH.
Segerforsens Cor of Dangerous. HD:B AA:0
Segerforsens Cnazter. HD:B
Segerforsens Charlie.  
Segerforsens Carizma. HD:C AA:0
Segerforsens Göttma.  
Segerforsens Cruella. HD:A AA:0
Segerforsens Charming Lady.    HD:C AA:0 Swedish CH agility jump.



B-litter born 20020102.

6 females.

Fakaiser's Nowak D'nuit x Thinice Skylla



Segerforsens Benita. HD:A     
Segerforsens Black Magic Woman.    
Segerforsens Black Beauty. HD:A AA:0   
Segerforsens Black Angel.  
Segerforsens Born To Be Wild. HD:A
Segerforsens Bellonie.  



A-litter born 20010613.

5 males & 3 females.

Bästdals Danny x Trico Mix Bona Dea.




Segerforsens After Forever. HD:A AA:0
Segerforsens Amarillo. HD:B AA:0
Segerforsens Arramiz Put down to sleep 8 moths old.osteochondros.
Segerforsens Attac. HD:C AA:1
Segerforsens Azko HD:A AA:0
Segerforsens Ace of Soul. HD:A AA:0 Eyes clear. Ex. to Norway, one litter at kennel Goldmine.
Segerforsens Alexia. HD:A
Segerforsens Alizz. HD:A AA:1